Looking for love: The Zoroastrian way

Although Zoroastrianism is still practiced today, it has only a few thousand adherents, of whom the best known may be the conductor Zubin Mehta. But this tradition, which developed in Iran, or Persia, during the first millennium before Christ, had an enormous influence on the monotheistic teachings of Judaism and Christianity, and, by extension, Islam as well. And yet this influential monotheistic religion appears to have been developed by Indo-Iranian peoples related to the Aryans who invaded northern India and began the tradition that came to be known as Hinduism. As those Aryan tribes were moving from Central Asia into India, other groups of Aryans made their way south into what is now Iran. The name Iran is itself derived from Aryan. The tradition these other Aryans developed bore some similarities to that of Vedic India, but they developed in a different way. Their language and terminology echoed the Sanskrit of the Vedas, and they divided the spirit world between ahuras and daevas, roughly equivalent to Hindu asuras and devas.

The Zoroastrian Myth of Migration from Iran and Settlement in the Indian Diaspora

Zoroastrianism, founded in Persia about 3, years ago, has become almost extinct in the modern world. They became known as Parsis or Parsees — meaning Persians. In , The New York Times estimated the Zoroastrian population worldwide at less than , with the vast majority living in India. In a article, the BBC reported an estimated 60, Parsis living in India—half as many as there were in the s. And the future of the culture and religion is threatened: for every Parsi born, four die.

The decline in numbers is blamed on late marriage, no marriage, infertility and mixed marriage with non-Parsis.

(Zoroaster is the corrupt Greek form of the Iranian Zarathustra.) The historical personality is practically of the followers. Although disputed, the most logical date.

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By: Stephanie Williams The western world as it is familiar to us today would be completely different if the events of the Greco-Persian war had ended with Persian victory.

Dating to Save Your Tiny Religion From Extinction

It started as an idea for Indian Parsis, but word quickly spread and soon Zoroastrians living everywhere, from Austin to Auckland and Iran to Oman, began contacting Ms Havewala for her coveted list. Video: What is Zoroastrianism? ABC News. According to the Census results there are fewer than 3, Zoroastrians currently living in Australia. The community is so small it makes up 0. Photo: Auzita Pourshasb right expected to marry a Zoroastrian, but instead found love with a Christian, Nathan Secomb.

Zoroaster. A prophet in Persia thought to have died in BCE, though some scholars date him very much earlier, who worshipped the god Ahura-Mazda.

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Zoroastrian Association of Greater New York

A prophet in Persia thought to have died in BCE, though some scholars date him very much earlier, who worshipped the god Ahura-Mazda. The religion he founded was dualistic, with a strong belief in Satan , an evil power, and in angels. It is suggested that the religion influenced Judaism in the last two centuries BCE, which is reflected in Daniel and certain writings of the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha. The Magi who are said to have come from the east to visit the infant Jesus Matt.

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Scholars differ considerably about the date of Zoroaster’s birth. Greek sources place Zoroaster at years before the death of Plato, that is, about B.C.

To enjoy our website, you’ll need to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Please click here to learn how. A woman who practices the ancient Zoroastrian religion, also known as Parsi, has come up with a matchmaking service that has helped their faith thrive in a world where online dating is the norm. Zarin Havewala of Mumbai has helped over 55 individuals find an ideal partner who practices the same faith through her unique system.

She does not have a fancy website nor an app but she keeps an international database that has the email addresses of single Millennials who have been born Parsi. The matchmaker does not advertise her services but operates through word of mouth. Interested people from Australia, to India, to Oman and all the way from England and Canada have contacted her online. They either look for a potential match or provide their profiles to add to Havewala’s database.

Current Issue – August 7-August 20, 2020

Please help with verifying or updating older sections of this article. At least some were last verified for version 2. Zoroastrianism, also called Mazdaism and Magianism, is an ancient Iranian religion and philosophy. Unlike most other religions, Zoroastrians do not need to wait until the s to call Great Holy Wars; they may be declared as soon as the priesthood is reestablished. Restoring the Moabadan-Moabad also makes the Zoroastrian holy order , the Immortals, available.

The targets for the Great Holy Wars will be Syria , Armenia at first, followed by Ifriqiya , Georgia or Egypt in order to restore the approximate borders of the Sassanid Empire and invade the long-coveted territory of the Roman Empire.

Zarin Havewala is an emerging Indian internet entrepreneur who has of the results of recent studies into the mental effects of dating apps and.

His teachings challenged the existing traditions of the Indo-Iranian religion and inaugurated a movement that eventually became the dominant religion in Ancient Persia. He was a native speaker of Old Avestan and lived in the eastern part of the Iranian Plateau , but his exact birthplace is uncertain. There is no scholarly consensus on when he lived. Most scholars date him in the 7th and 6th century BC as a near-contemporary of Cyrus the Great and Darius I , while some have speculated on datings as far back as the sixth millennium BC.

Most of his life is known from these texts. There is no consensus on the dating of Zoroaster, the Avesta gives no direct information about it, while historical sources are conflicting. Some scholars base their date reconstruction on the Proto-Indo-Iranian language and Proto-Indo-Iranian religion , [11] and thus it is considered to have been some place in northeastern Iran and some time between and BCE. Some scholars [8] such as Mary Boyce who dated Zoroaster to somewhere between — BC used linguistic and socio-cultural evidence to place Zoroaster between and BC or and BC.

Both texts are considered to have a common archaic Indo-Iranian origin. The Gathas portray an ancient Stone – Bronze Age bipartite society of warrior-herdsmen and priests compared to Bronze tripartite society ; some conjecture that it depicts the Yaz culture [25] , and thus it is implausible that the Gathas and Rigveda could have been composed more than a few centuries apart.

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The website of the Zoroastrian Association of Greater New York. dean · As Covid separates, Karachi’s Parsis grow closer with online Humbandagi prayers.

The hindustantimes has another article on the Navjote I wrote about yesterday. This one provides a bit more information about other contentious Navjotes. And it briefly mentions gender disparity as one of the arguments that seems to be dividing the Parsi community:. The issue has divided the community, with one section stating the children cannot be initiated into the faith because their father is of a different faith. On the other hand, reformist groups have called the older practice discriminatory towards women.

Those acquainted with Zoroastrianism, at times called the Good Religion, and the Parsi community know of the heated debate that surrounds conversion. Another fiercely debated issue is the acceptance into the Parsi community of children from mixed marriages, particularly when the father is not a Zoroastrian. The clip I posted previously is part of this radio documentary. You need to be registered and signed in to be able to listen to the documentary.

This free course takes place in Rome and offers international students an opportunity to immerse themselves in the study of this religion with its rich history. Application deadline is 24 June It marks not only the beginning of the calendar, but the renewal of life in its perennial struggle with death.


Zoroaster active 1st millennium B. Zoroastrianism is ranked with Judaism, Christianity, and Islam among the higher religions originating in the Middle East. The dates given for Zoroaster by ancient and modern writers differ considerably. The more sober authors have placed him between and B.

Written in Persian couplets in India in by a Zoroastrian priest, it is a work many know of, but fe See More. E-Book (PDF) Publication Date: 24 Sep

The origins of the Zarathushti faith also known as Zoroastrianism or Zarathushtrianism are lost in antiquity, but it has left a timeless legacy to world religious thought that is as relevant today as when it was revealed over 3 millennia ago. Zarathushtra Zoroaster to the Greeks , prophet of the world’s oldest revealed religion, lived in remote antiquity, some time around the dawn of the Iranian bronze age, circa 1, – 1, BCE.

In his thirtieth year, Zarathushtra received the revelation and started on his mission to bring His message to mankind. One of Zarathushtra’s first disciples was King Vishtaspa, ruler of Bactria. Thereafter, the religion spread far and wide. For a thousand years BCE to CE it was the dominant religion during three mighty Persian empires, that stretched west towards Rome and Greece, east into India, north into Russia and south into Egypt, with followers in the millions.

After a crucial battle in CE with the Arabs, sovereignty passed into the hands of the Islamic caliphs.

Zoroastrian Prayer

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