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A few days ago, reporters ran into Lisa Walsh at an event in Lagos and quickly cornered her for a brief chat.We gather that Lisa Walsh has been out of the country for a couple of years and had just returned to promote her new projects.

Despite this, she has held her head high and walked tall. I don't have an office yet because I do a lot of things, so I really want to be sure of what I want to open an office for. From one job, I get another job and I get another job from that one. You are into interior décor as well, I do that as well. It took me almost three months to complete the job.

In this interview with 'Nonye Ben-Nwankwo, the actress talks about her career and her relationship with her ex-boyfriend and singer, Timaya [img] Njamah learn you are now a make-up artiste.

Two years ago, news of an alleged love affair between Nigerian dancehall star, Timaya and fashion entrepreneur, Lisa Walsh made rounds.

At that time, Timaya declined to comment on the issue while Lisa simply went MIA.

I have girlfriends, but I love one and I am not ready to love any other person anymore. Anyone I like now, it's not everybody that wants you that you want. If she wants me and I like her, then we want ourselves. Me I no dey look all those things o, but I like YSL M7, that's what I wear but sometimes I like to mix it, as long as it smells good, fine. I have been to 13 cities to perform, which lasted for about two months and I don't think I will do it again.(CWhy? They didn't want me to come back, they were so into me, it was lovely but I don't want to go back.

apart from God in this life I don't give a hoot about anybody, every other person is stupid to me apart from God. I have been to places but I had my major tour in Europe. I never had money to produce an album then or to shoot a video or to package myself. The most painful part of my life now is being Timaya, I used to like all those okirika clothes, that's where you can get the best shirt from, but I cannot go there anymore, because right now I can afford a shirt of N70,000 and it might not be up to the one I will get in okirika for N800. But here in Lagos if you do all those things, they will say you are not packaging, what are you packaging for when you don't have money.....(laughs). She must also know how to speak good English, must have a good behaviour, she must respect me because I love to stay and be in charge. I sang a song for her because I love controversy and I got it. I was talking about Empress and I hope they know because they said we both went to a hotel in Abuja and smoked (marijuana) the whole place down. So, tell me, how I no go pluck that person wey write such thing eye commot give am make him chop wen I see such person. What inspired the collaborations in your new album? I just got a house here because I don't like hotels. What have your challenges in the music industry been like? When I was coming up and becoming Timaya, trying to become a paramount person, trying to be the voice amongst the noise, my parents never wanted me to sing. You need a lot of resources, like money, people, to help you grow because no man is an island. They should keep working and rehearsing, because there is no perfection without practice. The important thing is that have aired my mind and if you like, you carry your head and break for wall, I will still take you to the hospital. I don't hang out because I don't have friends and I choose not to. Like the recent show I went for, I wasn't the only musician that went for it but I was the only one that was talked about. Whether you like am o, whether u no like am o, Timaya don blow eee. I took off my trousers on the stage and danced with a mannequin because that's what I felt like doing, I am an entertainer. If I like, I take okada to look around town, go to my Mama Put joint because I feel that's my hood. First of all, the girl must be fine and have a big yansh. So how come there are speculations about both of you? She's an entertainer and I am an entertainer, we are both entertaining. Na me still talk am, some people wanna write about me, everybody say na human being, so tey dem say I smoke marijuana, dis marijuana don make me dey hammer. So what..I dey friend armed robber, it's not any of their business and she's not my girlfriend.Lisen and download Timaya Bang Bang: Free Download Music Videos Bang Bang is anotherdancehall classic by Nigerian musician, Timaya.The song was co-written and produced by Kitwana Israel,from Trinidad Tobago. Bayelsa born rave of the moment, Timaya has for some time now been trailled by controversies. Not much is known about you except your music prowess My name is Timaya, Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa.

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