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ISBN 978 90 77459 44 7 Order Here Extensive monograph about the work of Michel Francois.With texts by Guillaume Desanges and Jean-Paul Jacquet, and an introduction by Philippe Van Cauteren and Nathalie Ergino. ISBN 978 90 77459 41 6 Order Here Epilogue: In a seemingly marked-out, hierarchical world which is far more chaotic and uncontrolled than it appears, Michel Francois's essentially sculptural work, which on the contrary is obviously chaotic and subtly framed, is a model of sensual and ideological reconfiguration of the immediate.

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With texts by Dieter Roelstraete, Wim Waelput, Axel John Wieder.

Design: Christopher Jung and Tobias Wenig, Berlin (

This accumulated naturally into a compact archive of incidents in which self-consciousness repeatedly wedges itself into everyday reality." Design: Roger Willems. 'Innere Stimme' is the title of a notation by Robert Schumann in his Humoreske, Opus 20, used by Nicolai as instruction for a sound performance. French edition of Roma publication 145a, published on the occasion of the exhibition Beyond the Dust  Artists' Documents Today at Fondation d'entreprise Ricard, Paris (10.1-29.1 2011). While the typical American gas station has long since spread world-wide, its Viennese counterpart testifies to the survival of a distinct and tender European metropolitan variety which nestles up against apartment buildings, occupies the small gaps between buildings, hides in courtyards or positions its pumps somewhere on the curbstone.

(the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, the Aspen Art Museum, the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, and the Dallas Museum of Art). This edition was published on the occasion of the exhibition Beyond the Dust  Artists' Documents Today at De Kabinetten van de Vleeshal, Middelburg (17.09-12.12 2010).

The items are of disparate length and tone and cover subjects ranging from optics to orchids, cultural politics to ancient Greek iconography, art theory and philosophy to the mixed pleasures of living in a drafty castle in the Irish countryside. Made possible with the support of Fonds BKVB, Galerie Paul Andriesse, and The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. Willem Jan Neutelings, quoted from this book: "The Antwerp-based photographer Jan Kempenaers undertook a laborious trek through the Balkans in order to photograph a series of these mysterious objects.

To all these diverse topics Baer brings formidable powers of analysis, rigorous logic, a penchant for provocation, lively wit and an inimitable, exacting use of language - the same ingredients that go into her art. He captures the Spomeniks in the misty mountain landscape at sundown.

ISBN 978 90 77459 51 5 Order Here Collection of poems (in Dutch) and works of art selected by Marije Langelaar in collaboration with Mark Manders and Roger Willems. Wijnberg, Eva Cox, Luc Deleu, Albertina Soepboer, Alfred Schaffer, Marc Nagtzaam, Dirk Braeckman, Raymond Taudin Chabot, K Michel , Luc Tuymans, Dana Schutz, Jan Kempenaers, Tonnus Oosterhoff, Marten Hendriks, Wouter Godijn, Rien Vroegindeweij, Hans Groenewegen, Mark Manders, Peter Verhelst, Vrouwkje Tuinman, Maria Barnas, Anuschka Blommers, Niels Schumm, Geert Goiris, Esther Jansma, Elma van Haren, Adrian Paci, Gino De Dominicis.

With text by Sebastian Hackenschmidt, and photographs by Stefan Olh. ISBN 978 90 77459 45 4 Order Here Approximately 50 texts - richly illustrated -, published and unpublished, written between 1965 and the present: letters, essays, interviews, articles, facsimiles of illustrated texts, transcripts of talks, and a book-in-progress: Revisioning the Parthenon. Link: Order Here / Flip through book or appendix Series of photographs of abandoned monuments in former Yugoslavia.

For more than three years Bart Lodewijks was making drawings with blackboard chalk on walls throughout a neighbourhood in the outskirts of Ghent, called Moscou. and the director of NMBS - the Belgian railway company - to come to a special agreement concerning one specific house. ISBN 978 90 77459 48 5 Order Here Priè d'insérer (by Louis Lüthi) - The subject of this book is the page, and the pages reproduced in it are taken from works of literature (or, in some cases, art books that derive specifically from literature).

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