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Her hand is easily legible, although her habits of punctuation--a heavy use of dashes and periods--makes her manuscripts sometimes a challenge to read.

Her capitalization, punctuation, and spelling are normalized here, "as surely she would have expected had her poems been published in her lifetime" (Johnson, I: lxii).

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These texts, edited by her friends, evidently differ in minutiae (punctuation, lineation) as well as occasionally in wording from the originals on which they were based.

Her friends numbered these poems under general thematic subsections (the names of which are omitted in this edition).

Her grandfather Samuel Fowler Dickinson (1775-1838) was a Dartmouth graduate, accomplished lawyer and one of the founders of Amherst College.

He also built one of the first brick homes in the New England town on Main Street, which is now a National Historic Landmark ‘The Homestead’ and one of the now preserved Dickinson homes in the Emily Dickinson Historic District.

She is noted for her unconventional broken rhyming meter and use of dashes and random capitalisation as well as her creative use of metaphor and overall innovative style.

Among the ranks of other such acclaimed poets as Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson is considered one of the most original 19th Century American poets.The following poems are in the public domain and we have no objection if you include the following poems on the Web-site [nos.59, 77, 185, 249, 254, 510, 1078]" (Melinda Koyanis, Manager of Copyright, Harvard University Press, personal correspondence to the editor, April 21, 1997).Readers who come to love the mind in Dickinson's poems will want to read her manuscript copy, in part for its punctuation.Where the manuscript versions remain in copyright, the text of her poems in Representative Poetry On-line comes from the early editions of the 1890s.Emily had an older brother named William Austin Dickinson (1829-1895) (known as Austin) who would marry her most intimate friend Susan Gilbert in 1856.

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