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Rachel also left her mark on the sexual landscape because she was the only one of the main six characters to have admitted to having a lesbian make out session with Winona Ryder, who played Rachel's sorority sister.

Jill wasn't the only run-in with a sibling, as Joey had a relationship with Phoebe's twin sister Ursula.

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‘I’ve met some lovely men, but I’ve also met many who lied about themselves and their intentions.’Her experiences are mirrored by many women, who find that internet dating is great if you want a casual fling, but not for anything longer lasting because there are so many dishonest men seeking cheap thrills.

Today, nine million Britons will log on to look for love.

The character of Ursula was actually carried over from Mad About You since Kudrow had been cast as the ditsy waitress years before Friends initially aired in 1994.

Kristin Davis (pre-Sex and the City fame) and Elle Macpherson both dated the lothario, and Joey used his role as an actor to meet Brooke Shields who played a crazed fan and Oscar-winner Susan Sarandon appeared as famed older soap actress.

But is this a trend that could change the very nature of romance and turn long-term commitment into a thing of the past? There is striking evidence to suggest that the web is causing social change.

Traditionally, women might have had one or two boyfriends before getting married; now, they are encouraged to date lots of people in a quest to find a perfect partner.In the real world, a person is a package and you might not notice their eye colour, but online you cross off people for the most base physical reasons.You become judgmental.’Professor Harry Reis, who led the research into the efficacy of internet dating, said that skimming over the profiles and pictures of hundreds of potential mates encouraged a ‘shopping’ mentality.Monica's turned into relationships 38.5 per cent of the time and Phoebe's resulted in serious relationships 37.5 per cent of the time, but Monica's 14.5 partners is far outweighed by Phoebe's 32.5 partners.Matthew Perry's Chandler had the lowest number of sexual partners- having had sex with 10 women throughout the ten years it was on the air- which fits with his character's persona who was a bit awkward with women.Another issue is that singletons who spend weeks or even months emailing a potential mate before meeting them often have unrealistic expectations.‘Also, he’s unlike any man I’d gone for before.

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