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Carman Domenic Licciardello Carman Domenic Licciardello is an enigma in Christian music, often described as part evangelist, part Vegas Showman.

His concerts were more like a rock and roll Billy Graham Crusade than a Christian music event.

But mostly I want to see one of you get healed of what threatens your future and I really want to see someone you love come to Christ.

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"But mostly I want to see one of you get healed of what threatens your future and I really want to see someone you love come to Christ. When I'm having an off day I just listen to your music and it just [lifts] me up.

Now lets get back to business, we have to work while its day for soon the night comes."Licciardello's Facebook post resulted in hundreds of prayers and expressions of gratitude from his supporters, with many of them sharing how the Christian music artist has personally impacted their lives."Thank you, for your courage to share. I admire your attitude to live for Christ, no matter what God allows to come our way," wrote one supporter. God never leaves us in our time of sorrow, but he [lifts] us up he gives us strength to continue on."Myeloma cancer, commonly referred to as multiple myeloma or plasma cell myeloma, involves a group of plasma cells (a type of white blood cell found in bone marrow) becoming cancerous and multiplying to an abnormal level, according to the Mayo Clinic.

"I will not leave this world quietly and I want the devil to know that he put cancer on absolutely the wrong Italian.

I have a few good years and before it's too late I want to see your faces, shake your hands and hug your necks.

Every Christian music label in the last 12 years had rejected him, Carman said, and none would even distribute his CDs for free, reported Religion News Service in noting how cancer resurrected Carman's career.

But after garnering more than 41,000 likes on his Facebook post announcing his diagnosis, Carman rallied, asking fans for 0,000 to create a new album and music video. Carman made the album and planned to appear on 100 stages after ending his chemotherapy.

Less than a year after announcing his diagnosis with myeloma, an incurable form of cancer, Carman Licciardello now says he's cancer-free. "I've had so many harsh things happen to me over the last 12 years, it was almost a situation that made sense," he wrote in his diagnosis announcement.

T., MRI, Bone biopsies ect [sic] and could find NO trace of Cancer," the former CCM star wrote on his Facebook page. We're talking about drilling into your bone to search for a cancer cell and coming up empty." The positive post comes less than a year after Carman, who garnered 10 platinum records before a 12-year hiatus from the Christian music scene, announced his diagnosis—and just in time for him to begin a major April tour prompted by fan response.

"I've been through 5 months of the most challenging stuff ( oh lets just call it hell, it's been 5 months of hell) but in 3 weeks from now I'll be back in the gym lifting weights and running the treadmill - because the cancer will be gone." A week and a half later, Carman posted that he was cancer free.

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