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One way to be sure that no more joint debt is run up is to cancel all joint cards, says Lynn Gold-Bikin, chairman of the family law department at Wolf Block, a Norristown, Pa., law firm specializing in family issues."Cancel all the cards you're aware of and put them in your own name," she says.

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In some states there is no legal separation; you are separated the day you begin living apart. Your options There are several options for handling joint credit card debt.

Which one you employ depends on the state of your relationship with your spouse.

If not, get help from a mediator or a financial planner, which is cheaper than an attorney." The basics Debt incurred during a marriage is generally the joint responsibility of both parties, as long as both are co-signers on the credit cards, says Bill Glassner, a financial planner with Glassner Carlton Financial Planning in Cedar Knolls, N. "However, if the credit card is in one spouse's name but the other is just an additional cardholder, that spouse isn't responsible.

" One exception is community property states, where both are responsible, even for debt incurred by one partner.

States with community laws are Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin.

Alaska is an "opt-in" community property state, in which spouses may agree to be jointly responsible for all debts.

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