21 dating 16 yr old

Then I'd start providing the appropriate level of supervision for a 16 year old dating for the first time--which does not include 2am makeout sessions.

If he's still interested in dating her when it involves things like family dinners and an 11pm curfew, then let young love run its course.

21 dating 16 yr old-65

(Possibly b/c that made the guys legal to drink, now that I think about it...) Although it's certainly possible that they are having intercourse, they may not be.

Some guys are capable of understanding that a 16 year old virgin who has never dated is not someone to rush or pressure if they genuinely care for her.

At the same time, some 21 year olds may just be very immature and ill-developed for their age, and it sounds like that may be the case with this kid.

It honestly sounds like to me they both might be emotionally at the same age, which makes it seem less "weird" to me, but at the same time I do feel the 21 year old should be more mature at his age--but he wouldn't be the first person at that age I've heard about/known who is still for all purposes a child.

Meaning she isn't really allowed to make decisions on her own, she hasn't truly become an "adult." I'll be honest though, some people age and mature slower than others and some faster.

I think most 16 year olds aren't really ready to be in a serious relationship, and I think most 21 year olds who are interested in 16 year olds are interested because on some level (even if it isn't an intentional, thought out process) they recognize a 16 year old girl is probably much more easily manipulated than one their own age.

But the ultimate question - how weird is the 21/16 thing?

It's not a weird age gap, and in fact larger age gaps were and are common.

If she wasn't dating him, she would be seeing some horn-dog 17 year old who would be trying for the panties on a regular basis.

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