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The first payment is provided as soon as the work is completed and the invoice is delivered to your client.

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Additionally, the invoices cannot be secured by liens from other companies or government entities.

Most financing lines can be deployed quickly – in a week or so.

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Self-Liquidating Loan Self-Liquidating Loan A loan that is taken to fund current assets.

Self-liquidating loanloan to finance current assets, The sale of the current assets provides the cash to repay the loan. These are self-liquidating loans because the goods being financed will soon be sold.

The loan finances a transaction and the transaction itself provides the borrower with the funds to repay the bank.

E’ l’operazione di factoring più tradizionale e più vicina alle forme di finanziamento autoliquidante erogate dal sistema bancario.

Il rischio del mancato pagamento da parte del debitore permane in questo caso a carico del cedente.

Or you can decline the contract, and lose a valuable client. You can solve this problem with a type of self liquidating transaction known as invoice financing.

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